· Plan A: Home Style and Plan
· Plan B: Lot Excavation
· Plan C: Foundation
· Plan D: House Framing
· Plan E: Roofing
· Plan F: Doors and Windows
· Plan G: Plumbing
· Plan H: Electrical Wiring
· Plan I: HVAC
· Plan J: Insulation
· Plan K: Exterior Home
· Plan L: Walls, Ceiling, Trim
· Plan M: Kitchen and Bath
· Plan N: Cleaning Closet
· Plan O: Flooring
· Plan P: Lighting
· Plan Q: Other Amenities
· Plan R: Garage / Pathways
· Plan S: Landscaping
· Plan T: Interior Design
 Construction Specification Planning  

Plan H: Electrical Wiring

record and note your design specs: download spec sheet

what you need to do —

  • Identify any special wiring needs by room:

    — home sound system
    — ceiling wiring for bedroom fans
    — wiring the shed for electricity, etc.

  • Start the electrical wiring when the house has been "dried" — windows, doors, and roof installed.

  • Ceiling and wall lighting may be installed during this phase, or at least designed so that electrical switches and sockets can be installed prior to dry walling — see lighting design

  • For electrical:

    ·· consider multiple switches for a single light (upstairs and downstairs)
    ·· install dual switches for light and fan
    ·· order photoelectric cell for the outside and pathways
    ·· install motion detection sensors around the garage and back
    ·· request special wiring for computers, entertainment rooms, alarm systems, ceiling fans, and the like — see our home wired discussion below
    ·· add additional outlets along the kitchen counters and bathroom

  • Visit our Home Improvement Gallery for complete information on electrical wiring and equipment:

    view center: electrical wiring

    view center: home lighting

    view center: home entertainment / wired home

    view center: home office setup

    view center: entry protection

  • Check electrical codes:
    check mechanical codes:

  • From howstuffworks.com:
    about electrical wiring

  • Find Pre-screened Contractors:
    click to search contractors

    Search local yellow pages:
    electrical contractors

Home Building Steps
step 1:analyze
step 2:location
step 3:hm styles
step 4:hm plans
step 5:spec plan
step 6:builder
step 7:financing
step 8:manage
step 9:decorate


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