· Plan A: Home Style and Plan
· Plan B: Lot Excavation
· Plan C: Foundation
· Plan D: House Framing
· Plan E: Roofing
· Plan F: Doors and Windows
· Plan G: Plumbing
· Plan H: Electrical Wiring
· Plan I: HVAC
· Plan J: Insulation
· Plan K: Exterior Home
· Plan L: Walls, Ceiling, Trim
· Plan M: Kitchen and Bath
· Plan N: Cleaning Closet
· Plan O: Flooring
· Plan P: Lighting
· Plan Q: Other Amenities
· Plan R: Garage / Pathways
· Plan S: Landscaping
· Plan T: Interior Design
 Construction Specification Planning  

Plan B: Lot Excavation

record and note your design specs: download spec sheet

what you need to do —

  • Survey the lot to define the boundaries and dimensions for your home construction.

    Have you found your lot? Link here for information

  • View the physical features of the lot. Note any rocks, trees, water-fronts, or other desirable or undesirable views. Consider options to gain the most desirable view and privacy.

  • Note any extra requirements. Do you have room for a swimming pool, side-entry garage, recreational space, etc.

  • Check the drainage. Water should drain away from the house and channel into natural or man-made tributaries.

  • Be careful not to channel water into your neighbors yard (drainage that is not already part of the natural flow). This could save you from potential litigation down the road.

  • Check your county and/or local governments for property easements and property line setbacks. Many governments require them:

    Survey resource information:

    Lookup county and city governments:

    Find a surveyor:

  • When breaking ground, consider these points:

    ·· know where the underground utilities are if they cross your property — then need to be marked
    ·· plot where the home will be situated with plenty of room for setbacks and proper drainage
    ·· tag any trees that you want untouched and make sure they are not damaged following excavation
    ·· be present when they clear the area
    ·· ensure that the area has been cleared and that all trash has removed — including tree stumps

  • From howstuffworks.com:
    about excavating land

  • Find excavating services:
    search yellow pages

Home Building Steps
step 1:analyze
step 2:location
step 3:hm styles
step 4:hm plans
step 5:spec plan
step 6:builder
step 7:financing
step 8:manage
step 9:decorate


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