· Plan A: Home Style and Plan
· Plan B: Lot Excavation
· Plan C: Foundation
· Plan D: House Framing
· Plan E: Roofing
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· Plan G: Plumbing
· Plan H: Electrical Wiring
· Plan I: HVAC
· Plan J: Insulation
· Plan K: Exterior Home
· Plan L: Walls, Ceiling, Trim
· Plan M: Kitchen and Bath
· Plan N: Cleaning Closet
· Plan O: Flooring
· Plan P: Lighting
· Plan Q: Other Amenities
· Plan R: Garage / Pathways
· Plan S: Landscaping
· Plan T: Interior Design
 Construction Specification Planning  

Plan G: Plumbing

record and note your design specs: download spec sheet

what you need to do —

  • Identify any special plumbing needs by room:

    — utility sink in garage
    — wet bar in recreation room
    — plumbing for unfinished basement, etc.

  • Start the plumbing when the house has been "dried" — windows, doors, and roof installed.

  • There are many new plumbing materials that can reduce your cost. See below for information.

  • If your lot has access to public sewer systems, you will need to connect to it. If not, you will be installing a septic tank system.

  • Sewer systems work with the flow of gravity — your lowest sink and drain, situated in the basement for example, must be higher than the sewer line.

  • Tubs, toilets, basins, and showers may be installed at this time. If not, plumbing to the point of connection needs to be double checked so that there won't be any surprises.

  • Your water heater may also be installed during this phase. Check out the new water heating systems before you complete your plumbing specifications.

  • Visit our Home Improvement Gallery for complete information on plumbing and fixtures:

    view center: plumbing

    view center: bathroom fixtures

    view center: kitchen sinks

    view center: water heating

  • Check plumbing codes:

  • From howstuffworks.com:
    about home plumbing

  • Find Pre-screened Contractors:
    click to search contractors

    Search local yellow pages:

Home Building Steps
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